In partnership with the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives

Last year’s Limited Edition Collection features four editions each of four different photographs taken by Gerald Hannon and discovered within the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives.

Gerald Hannon is a retired journalist and sex worker. He was a writer, collective member and the principal photographer for the gay publication The Body Politic for most of its 15-year life (it ceased publication in 1987). Since then he has been on the board of Pink Triangle Press, the corporate “parent” of publications from The Body Politic up to and including Daily After the demise of TBP, he built a very successful career as a journalist for mainstream publications, winning 13 National Magazine Awards over the years.

As the global LGBTQ community recognizes the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, it seems particularly appropriate that as local communities, we commemorate the stories and people who helped shape where we are today.

Tickets on sale soon!

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