Limited Edition Retrospective

For over 15 years, SNAP has been proud to have the support of talented artists who have taken part in the SNAP Photo Competition and donated to the SNAP Live Auction. We have also had the honour of working with some amazing artists to produce Limited Editions.

Limited Editions are works that have been commissioned by ACT in small batches specifically for SNAP. These works have had great success in the past, and we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase one of these framed pieces.

Click here to purchase a part of SNAP! history.

This year, we are especially honoured to draw attention to our Limited Edition from 2014. After 25 years, the Condom Shack is closing its doors. It is the most recent casualty in the long list of queer spaces closing their doors in Toronto. Our community’s rch history must not be forgotten.

In 2014, SNAP offered a Limited Edition of Harry Enchin’s Condom Shack 1 1931/2010. We are thrilled do offer this piece in our Limited Edition Retrospectives.